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Stories of craftmanship

Stories of craftmanship


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Our company has been founded in Belgium by Marc Debailleul (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in 1983, with the objective to produce the highest quality of pastry products (gateaux, tarts, biscuits, macaroons, etc.), chocolates (bonbons and friandises) and ice cream products (ice cream, sorbets, entremets glacés and others).

In the mid of 1990's the company started to export. Currently most of the company's products are exported to several countries around the world. Early 2000 the first Debailleul shop was opened in Japan. Many other shops have followed since.

Continually seeking culinary and gastronomic perfection, teams headed by our MoF chefs have become World Pastry Champions in Lyon 1995, bronze Medalists in Las Vegas 2002 and silver medalists in Las Vegas 2004. The company has an international reputation for quality, and is considered to be unique in its ability to link traditional and artisanal production techniques to a modern production environment.

Marc debailleul


French born Marc Debailleul started his career as a 17 year old apprentice in Lille, to reach the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1979. Having worked for various leading pâtissiers in Europe, Marc decided to establish his own Company in 1983.

Amassing prizes throughout his career Marc and his team became World Confectionary Champion in Lyon in 1995 and Silver Medallist at the Las Vegas World Pastry Championship in 2004. Recognized for his in depth knowledge of the 'métier' and his disinguished taste, he juries various International Culinary Awards. "I learned my trade whithout everything being mechanical. Doing things manually, you achieve precise expertise on how ingredients react and develop, what works and what doesn't, what is excellent and what is average".

Marc continues his involvement with the Company in product development and maintains a lifelong Ambassador of the brand.



Marc Debailleul is awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MoF)

The company is founded

The Belgian team led by Marc Debailleul wins the World Pastry Championship in Lyon

First shop in Japan

The team led by Marc Debailleul wins bronze in the World Pastry Championship in Las Vegas

The team led by Marc Debailleul wins silver in the World Pastry Championship in Las Vegas


Debailleul creates and produces indulging taste experiences that linger and solicit repetition. Our products and service show a unique and elegantly different style that is discreetly arrogant and never whithout a touch of humour. Proud of our French heritage, we strive to achieve harmony and finesse with a classical touch, creating contemporary traditionals that are targeted to a selected but worldwide group of connoisseurs.

At Debailleul we apply traditional skills and techniques to a careful selection of the finest natural ingredients. We continue our worldwide search for the very best of raw materials on an ongoing basis and evaluate selected products between harvest seasons, both on taste and microbiologic quality.

Our staff is passionately ambitious about setting the standard in hand-crafted dessert products, while adhering to today's business models in quality and production performance.

Our team works together with stylists, fashion designers and graphic artists to develop products that are personal and unique in style as well as quality. Contemporary styled interpretations of classical products and ideas, our products should appeal to all senses; we strive to reach the perfect match in both taste and texture combinations while maintaining our visual brand identity.


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